Sunday, July 6, 2014

Milkita Strawberry Milk Candy

Milkita Milk candies are made by unican which is out of Indonesia. The one that I got my hands on is the Strawberry flavored one and boy is it delicious. It has a smooth and creamy taste like a milk candy should. It reminds my very much like the last milk candy that I reviewed but this is like strawberry milk (go figure). I love strawberry milk and thought I give this a try and it didn't disappoint. I drop these little candies in my camera bag to chew while walking around. It has the highest milk content in the world for a candy (so says the official page) with 38% real milk and they have about 4% calcium of your daily value. the cow on the bag named Kody is quite cute and catches the eye in this bright pink bag. this candy started in 1997 but soon to grow into the main candy of unican and also top milk candy in the country it is from.
It is really tasty and I recommend it to anyone if you get a chance to see one on a shelf. Also hope to get the opportunity to try out the other flavors that are offered.

Here are some commercials for Milkita!

Grab some!

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