Saturday, May 23, 2015

100 Plus Drink

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100 Plus, I noticed this can out of the corner of my eye in the store and grabbed it and looked it over. Seeing a guy running on the back of the can I figured it must be a sports drink. There was no real English on the can except as 100 Plus. So basically when I opened it and poured it out in the glass it was clear and reminded me like Pocari Sweat. The flavor was a lot like Pocari Sweat but lighter in flavor. It is like a cheap version of it. I may get it again but if there is Pocari Sweat on the shelf next to it then I would go for that instead.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Royal King Korean Ginseng Drink with Honey Extra Strength

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I can't really explain it but this tasted nasty. I did not like this one bit. It was syrupy and amber in color. Inside the bottle which is 4 inches tall there is a Chinese ginseng root. Make it neat looking but the taste is not something I was looking for. It burned and was not liked. I will pass on this every day all the time.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

pokka sapporo Orange Drink (Tsubu Tappuri Zeitaku Mikan)

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This drink from pokka Sapporo  is pretty good. Strong and I could almost taste the acidness from the orange juice. All though it really isn't Orange per say as it is mandarin orange flavor. It tasted like the juice you would find in a mandarin orange can. It taste just like that and even has mandarin pulp. It was pretty tasty if you are looking for a can of mandarin orange juice. It cost me like $2 and there are other things of juice that I would spend $2 on. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kasugai Ramune Flavored Gummy Candy

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These gummies are pretty good but are kinda expensive. I grabbed the Ramune Flavor ones for some reason but I have tried many other the others in the past. They are individually wrapped inside the large bag and they are a decent size gummy. The Ramune flavor taste just the original ramune soda. I'm behind there gummies 100% but sometimes I just can't afford them. Plus there are always those flavors that I just never really like but I can attest blueberry, strawberry and most berry flavors. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Vitasoy Chocolate Flavor Soy Drink

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This is pretty interesting. I have seen it countless times in the local supermarket that has a small case of eight little juice box like containers. It looked and tasted very much like Yoo-hoo milk. I guess it is supposed to be healthy since it is soy but it probably isn't as health. It wasn't to expensive for the pack and it doesn't taste all that bad if you need a chocolate fix. There are other flavors from Vitasoy and I am sure I will grab some in the future to try out. I'd drink this again,

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ito En Milk Tea Hawaii Exclusive Edition

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So this is one product that I grabbed and was not produced in an Asian country. I let it slide because Ito En is the maker of Japanese finest bottle teas (hands down, my opinion). Milk Tea is almost a favorite in Japan as well. Ito En has a facility that produces quite a bit of tea out there on Hawaii. Milk Tea is when you use black tea and mix with milk and then sweeten it. I a not sure about there process of course as when I make it, it is just my homemade black tea and then I pour milk in about 40%/50% tea. Not really a science but back to this canned beverage. I have tried canned milk tea before, I believe it was Sangria that produced it but this is a lot better. There is no really weird after taste and it is a nice smooth milk tea. Sweetened just right and taste like good tea is behind the milk as well. So far the best milk tea I have tried for the blog right behind the Royal Milk Tea drink packets which was a powered to mix.
This is also apparently a Hawaii Exclusive that they probably wanted to keep on the island but it was sitting there on the shelf at the marked and I saw "Milk Tea" and swooped in and took it right off.
Pay a $1 for it or even a $1.50 which I think I might had paid. It is delicious and refreshing! Don't chug it, enjoy it!

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