Saturday, March 29, 2014

Luzona Mango Juice Drink

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I picked this up at our local Asian Super market for maybe 89 cents. I like mango and it was like in a can the size of the typical Red Bull can. The color has a nice orange look to it and it is smooth like mango. Was definitely refreshing and pleasant. It reminded me of the Simply Orange brand of juice where they have the orange/mango combination and how smooth that is. I loved it and would get one again if I can find it. 
I can not find much on the brand but I hope it turns up again. 
Grab it to try it!
Mr. Tea

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kit-Kat Yatsuhashi Flavor (Cinnamon Biscuit)

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            These Kit-Kats were bought on Mr.Tea’s last trip to Kyoto! In traditional tea houses, it is common to pair green tea with a treat. In Kyoto, the common snack served with tea is yatsuhashi- a cinnamon biscuit. Kit-kat released this flavor with the yatsuhashi inspiration while Mr. Tea was in Japan. The first Kit-Kat store in Japan opened in January of this year located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Kit-Kat candy is really popular in Japan and sweets/foods are generally given as gifts and used as a token of good luck since the name sound like “kitto katsu” which means “you will surely win!”

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hitachino Nest Beer - Red Rice Ale Review

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Brewed with special red rice, this ale was a nice find in our local Total Wine store. The rice “which had been cultured in ancient times in Japan” gives this beer a mellow taste.  The beverage is everything you’d expect in an ale. A light, crisp drink with notes of orange, strawberry, and a nutty aftertaste. It is actually very mild in flavor compared to most ales, but since we are not beer connoisseurs we both enjoyed the flavor. We thought that the beer would be more red from the description, but it ended up being more of an orange. Kiuchi Brewery started creating Hitachino Nest Beers in 1996 with “a hint of our traditional sake brewing method”.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fremo Aloe Vera Original Drink

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I think we gave in to the aloe vera fad. These drinks are delicious! I was always put off by the aloe vera drinks in the beginning.  I had thought of them as health drinks knowing for a while about the health benefits of aloe. I’m glad Mr. Tea pushed me to try them!