Friday, June 13, 2014

Pocari Sweat Drink

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Pocari Sweat! Sounds odd doesn't it? It is a "Ion Supply Drink" from Japan that has a clear but cloudy look to it and sits on the tongue like a Gatorade. This drink is a non-carbonated soft drink by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company. It is a sweet drink and has hints of grapefruit in it which I am a big fan. It is a great little drink and it is marketed as a sports drink which is why they went with "sweat" in the name. Off putting, but it was meant as it will help supply you with the energy you used and sweating.
Nice little drink and the taste ins't to bad. I wouldn't spend more then $1.50 a bottle and found this for $3. Pretty easy to find in Japan. I do like the grapefruit flavor at the end though.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kit-Kat Itohkyuemon Uji-Matcha Green Tea Flavor - Kyoto Exclusive

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 While I, Mr. Tea, was traveling in Kyoto Japan I picked up a few exclusive Kit-Kat boxes and one of them was the Matcha green tea flavor. I grabbed the big box because I knew that I was going to want more then just a few bars. Kyoto especially the Uji area is known all over Japan fro their Green Tea. It is the best, from my personal experience thus far. Now since I have been there, in my local market in town I found on the shelf a bag of Kit-Kat Matcha flavored bars and it wasn't an off brand but Kit-Kat. I guess it isn't Kyoto exclusive anymore and it was $5 for the bag there. I think I paid about the same or maybe 650 Yen in Kyoto for this box of 12.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Barley Tea Drink

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I remember trying cold Barley Tea in Japan and enjoyed it. We have had hot barley tea from tea bags that were delicious as well. I saw this in the store for $3 maybe for 2L and figure I give it a try. It was a brand that I never heard of and I don't know that actual brand yet. Hmmm. Anyways I poured our glasses of this tea and the smell didn't seem right. We took our sip and we were instantly turned off! It had a weird chocolate flavor to it and it just threw us off hard. If didn't seem right and we ended up not finishing it. If you like barley tea chilled, brew it yourself or try another brand. If you like barley tea with a wierd chocolate flavor then go for it other wise I would stay away from this. I have no information on the company that produces this tea other then the log on the bottle.
PASS on this.

Monday, June 2, 2014

UCC Iced Coffee

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The bottled of UCC Iced Coffee that I picked up the other day is sure dark. It has a bitter taste but not to bad and you can tell it is a strong black coffee. I served it to myself much like it was pictured on the bottle, in a glass with ice cubes. Was great tasting and gave me a perk in the morning. Definitely adds to the enjoyment and I really do like dark canned coffee's. It reminds me of the black coffee from Boss Coffee. UCC is the the first company to cane coffee with it's UCC Coffee with Milk which I have reviewed previously and also taste great. Was glad that I could give it a try and I might grab it again sometime. It did cost about $3 for the bottle though which is much. Get it to try it though it might be right up your ally.