Friday, June 13, 2014

Pocari Sweat Drink

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Pocari Sweat! Sounds odd doesn't it? It is a "Ion Supply Drink" from Japan that has a clear but cloudy look to it and sits on the tongue like a Gatorade. This drink is a non-carbonated soft drink by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company. It is a sweet drink and has hints of grapefruit in it which I am a big fan. It is a great little drink and it is marketed as a sports drink which is why they went with "sweat" in the name. Off putting, but it was meant as it will help supply you with the energy you used and sweating.
Nice little drink and the taste ins't to bad. I wouldn't spend more then $1.50 a bottle and found this for $3. Pretty easy to find in Japan. I do like the grapefruit flavor at the end though.

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Grab some!

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