Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chinese Bottled Jasmine Tea (Molispace)

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I can not read Chinese and I tried typing in the web address on the bottle but the page does not exist currently. I noticed only after I had grabbed this out of the market that it expired 10 months ago!! The Market we go to has a tendency to not check their products expiration dates and it was my fault that it was a bit late. Anyways I am thinking that since then when the Jasmine Tea was bottled that perhaps the company does not exist anymore. That follows in suit to the tea in this bottle which was not to our liking. Now it might not be that great because it is OLD but it was too sweet and is no were as nice as Ito En's Jasmin tea (which is delicious), see here.

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Like said we tried it and it taste like Jasmine tea but has sweetness that I just don't care for. Ms. Noodle likes sweet teas but she didn't agree with this one. I will not be getting this one again and I now know that it is expired it I see it again.
This is a Miss, don't buy!

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