Friday, July 5, 2013

Miko Brand Shiro Miso Paste

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our adventures in Asian foods and cooking! The goal of this blog is to help others get over their fear of foreign foods and ingredients (namely Asian origin). Our hope is to create easy to follow recipes with Asian themed foods as the main component. We will also be doing reviews on products you would normally find in an Asian food store.

So let’s explore Asia together!

Our first product review is of Miko Brand Shiro Miso Paste- a product of Japan.  Miso is a puree of fermented soybeans that can range from white to red to black. While most miso is made from soybeans, you can also find it made with barley or rice. The fermentation process can take 6 months at the shortest and 3 years at the longest.
 photo IMG_8281_zps1aae947d.jpg  photo IMG_8282_zpsf6568fc6.jpg