Friday, September 30, 2016

Denny's in Japan

So Ms. Noodle and I stopped at a Denny's for breakfast to get a little bit of home for a meal. This Denny's is open 24 hrs like some back home but it smells of cigarette smoke and there are some old business men reading the paper smoking up a cloud. Anyways, we ordered our own meals and I decided on what is pictures. I got a scrambled egg, lightly cooked piece of bacon, side of white rice, miso soup, glass of orange juice, small yogurt and a little salad. Very nice but I sometimes enjoy my heavy breakfast at IHOP with huge omelettes and pancakes! The eggs were fluffy and soft, bacon really chewy and I don't ever eat a salad at that time of day but it was nice. Rice is almost anytime of day there which no complaint here. I'd stop by again for this mix of American-Japanese breakfast. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

kirin Mets Litchi

So this is from my trip to Japan last year. Man it seems to have been awhile but all the food reviews and images that are from that trip were from my phone so sorry about that. I love Met's drinks from Kirin. My first trip to Japan there was Met's Cola and Met's Grapefruit (all time favorite). This last trip I found that there were more offered in the line. This is one of them. I picked it up at a 7-Eleven and boy did it have some carbonation. It had the refreshing feel to it but I was not sold on the taste. I may be biased because my tastes for Lychee has dropped really. Other then that I can see it to be really enjoyable.   

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Glico Pretz Sweet Corn

Ms. Noodle loves these things. She has bought them almost every time at the market since she tried the first box. I know she gives the A+. These are a lot like Pocky in shape but they are not coated with chocolate or anything. There is some seasoning on the outside but they are different. Nice and crispy, it has a "corn" flavor to it. Imagine eating some corn on the cob that is slightly sweet. It is that taste in a biscuit stick. Pretty good, definitely one of the more enjoyable Pretz that Glico has produced. We will be getting this again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips

Honey and Butter chips why would you not pick this up at the store. Calbee comes out with some great flavors. They try all kinds of things in Japan with these chips kinda like Pringles trying out flavors. These are just like all their other chips but butter with a sweetness from honey I expect. Ms. Noodle enjoyed them and would like to get some more. I am about mid way, I have had other chips I enjoy more like the spicy ones. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Karamucho Hot Chili Fries

WHAT!?!? This are like hot fries but smaller. They are so tasty! This bag is not that big and the fries are pretty small and narrow. Grab a few and put them in your mouth as you get that nice spicy kick! The old lady on the bottom of the bag is yelling for more (not sure if she really is). I want more, I may go look for hot fries after work today!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nescafe Cafe Viet

So I picked this up at the local super market. This is a small box that has I think 16 packs in it, I can't remember since they are all gone now. You heat up the water and dump the powder into the glass. You can ice it by putting ice in it as well. Now the first time I had it was pretty nice. The taste is right for that Vietnamese coffee but the feel of it on the mouth was odd. It's like it made it super creamy and would leave an after taste a lot longer then you wanted. After a few more into it, I reminded myself that sometimes I get hooked on bad coffee and I was wondering if that was happening here. Ms. Noodle and others tasted it from my cup and were revolted. I will probably not pick this up again, I'll grab some other instant coffee for sure. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wilkinson Gingerale Vodka

This was Ms. Noodles free drink at the Robot Restaurant and Show. It is a pre bottle ginger ale and vodka. Very low in alcohol content as you can not really taste the vodka but it makes the ginger ale have a kick. If I was in the mood for a ginger ale I would totally get this. 5% seems low for my local brewery here of beer which makes them between 5-10% (heavy stuff). I could probably keep drinking these before you really feel it. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Lotte Pepero White Chocolate

These are not that bad. The white chocolate isn't as creamy as some other related items (Pocky) that I have had. The cookie though gives it a crispy enjoyment out of it. Ms. Noodle enjoys these and they are from Korea's #1 brand! I, Mr. Tea, would pass but Ms. Noodle might get them again.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Glico Pocky Demitasse

These are absolutely delicious. They were some good and creamy. I wish I could fins these again. They are really short and the sticks are chocolate with this dark creamy chocolate on the outside. Maybe 3 to 4 inches long a piece I destroy them easily in a few minutes. The box is not that big but I enjoy every bit. GET THESE.