Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kirin Koiwai Junsui Hakutou White Peach Juice

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 This drink is really enjoyable. It is a non carbonated peach flavor soft drink and reminds me of a lot of the non carbonated fruit drinks that you can get in Japan. Owned by Kirin which bought the Koiwai Family Products which produced milk for a lot of eastern Japan. At about 200 calories for the entire bottle it may not be the healthiest of drinks that I have reviewed on the site but still is delicious. Shake before drinking! It has a definitive peach flavor to it which is one of my favorite fruits. I guess I was biased in the store when I saw the peach on the front I instantly grabbed it. It is sweet.  At $2.99 it is a high price for a 15.6 fluid ounces (470 ml), but glad I at least tried it. A mix drink would cost you more and I would still enjoy this more. I can tell you now that i would buy this again but $2.99 is pretty steep in which I wouldn't unless a bit lower. I honestly can not find much information about this actual beverage or the history other then news articles about Kirin owning most of the shares in Koiwai and running the beverage side of the business and helping out with their dairy side.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Asahi Jūrokucha Tea "16 teas"

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 Asahi's Jūrokucha tea isn't any kind of normal tea but multiple teas into one. Jūrokucha literally means "16 teas" because it is a blended tea. It comes from leaves, grains and fruits such as; barley, kuromame, brown rice, job's tears, habucha, mulberry, lingzhi, persimmon, jiaogulan, kombu, sasa veitchii, sesame, mikan peel, black rice, shiso leaves, and eucommia. That is a lot of stuff and I don't know at least half of them yet it is considered a health food in Japan. It has 20% of your daily fiber which is great and there is 2 servings per bottle so that makes 40% if drink the entire thing. That only adds up to 10 calories for the bottle which is great. Originally the drink was from the company Chanson Cosmetics as a dry blended tea and in 1993 did this bottle as a joint project with Asahi. Right up my ally that have promoted it for diabetics because it's sugar depressant abilities. Because of the popularity of the drink many other companies have ventured and done the "multi tea" format as well, including Coca cola.