Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dydo Wakagokochi Yuzu Lemon

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This is a citrus lemon juice/drink. It is colored a lot like the Pocari Sweat. Dydo is a drink company that is located out of Osaka, Japan. Ingredients to this drink is water, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, citrus juice (yuzu), lemon juice, honey, flavor citric acid, trehalose, ascorbic acid.
The flavor of the drink is of a strong Yuzu lemon. I can taste the acid in it and it is just a bit harsh. It is nice at first but I think my tongue and teeth will be happy if I don't drink. No sugar some how but 180 calories inside. The bottle has a spiral design which makes it easy to grab as well.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Kasugai Lychee Hard Candy

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Kasugai Hard Candy was just sitting on the shelf and caught my eye. I enjoy Lychee flavor and figure that I give it a try. Kasugai has really great gummies and their hard candy is pretty tasty too. If you enjoy lychee, then you should enjoy this. For four bucks not sure I would do it again but I will enjoy this entire bag. More great candy to ruin my teeth and straight from Japan!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Glico Pocky Strawberry

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Ezaki Glico Co. is the company that is behind the Pocky snacks! Pocky was a gateway Japanese Snack for me back in the day. The headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan. Glico is derived from Glycogen, and the first candy produced was Glico Caramel. It had enough calories in it to run 300 meters which is also why the Glico 300 meter running man became the trademark. Pocky is chocolate covered pretzel sticks and the amount of flavors are vast. They took the popular Pretz sticks and decided to coat them in chocolate. They use to do this by hand until it was to much to do manually and thus it was automated.

These a great snacks and was really my first Japanese/Asian snack food that I tried back in 2006. It was my gateway snack as you can call it and probably the same for a lot of others. Pocky was a phenomenon at anime conventions I remember and people still "cosplay" as boxes of their favorite Pocky. Most people I know love the chocolate ones but I am a strawberry all the way. It is easy to get through a box of these and they are easy to eat with hands or no hands as well. The variety of flavors are outrageous and I will have more to review yet. If you are looking for simple flavor and not expensive like some of the other ones, strawberry is the way to go. It has the taste of strawberry chocolate on this pretzel stick that "snaps" in your mouth when you bight down on it. I even leave a few boxes in my desk drawer at work to snack on while writing up a report.
I recommend Strawberry Pocky for sure, grab some!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Glico Pocky - Matcha Flavor

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This Pocky appeared on the shelve a few months ago when I was talking about there needing to be more Matcha flavors out there. My first bite into the Pocky stick I was wondering where the flavor was. It slowly comes around this light Matcha flavor that settles on the taste buds. It doesn't have a strong flavor like the chocolate or strawberry but still nice and subtle.

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