Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daiko Noriten Shoyu Aji Soy Sauce Wheat Crackers

 photo IMG_3913_zps18f60567.jpg  photo IMG_3914_zps9d8d1d09.jpg 

 Smells good when you open the bag. these are soy sauce influenced seaweed wheat crackers. Can smell the spices on them when you open the bag. First bit you find that they are crunchy. The cracker is the first flavor that will hit you then you start to get the seaweed flavor and it hangs around on the tongue for a bit. It is not over powering in seaweed flavor like the seaweed snack packs but it is just right. I don't like seaweed snacks because it is to strong but this I can handle. Ms. Noodle really enjoys this a lot.

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She would offer her soul and $2 for them.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi-Chew - Strawberry

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The Hi-Chew candies are really chewy. They are rectangle and usually the flavor are inside. This strawberry one is tangy and sweet. After awhile you notice its chewy soft but gummy.The strawberry flavor is nice and I get these on rare occasions.

 photo IMG_3908_zps686f0f92.jpg

Hi-Chew is a fruit flavored candies that are produced by Morinaga. Started in 1975 and then re-released in 86 in its new shape. The idea behind it was that they wanted to create a chewing gum that was edible because there is a taboo in Japanese culture to take anything out of your mouth. There is a white outer coating and and the flavor interior. There has been 131 flavors since the start (holy crap).

 photo IMG_3909_zps19cb1ec4.jpg

Enjoy some flavors, there are 8 officially out in the United States; strawberry, grape, green apple, mango, melon, peach, banana and cherry is new.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Japanese Plum Gekkeikan Wine

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This Japanese Plum Gekkeikan Wine is straight from Kyoto. Japan in the Fushimi area. From Gekkeikan Sake, these wine comes from the orchard in Wakayama. The plums are hand picked, where they are aged and fermented to get a smooth flavor. The Style is for a sweet apple and pear tartness. Paring says it is good for marinating especially with spicy dishes. Enjoy it chilled! info from

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ito En Jasmine Green Tea

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My refrigerator had accidentally froze this bottle when I put it in there so it went through a defrost and then  placed back in there to get cold again. It might have separated the tea and liquid since I didn't remember there being lose leafs floating about in the bottle but there is now. Ito En is my favorite branded bottled tea. I love there dark green and green tea and they make other great ones as well. This is their Jasmine Green Tea which doesn't disappoint with it's 2 servings per bottle providing a total of 440% vitamin C. The taste is nice and mellow. Not really bitter which is a plus. You can catch the floral taste at the end which is nice.
If a light tea with a nice mellow flavor and great aftertaste with out that bitterness then this is for you. Plenty of Vitamin C.

 photo IMG_3840_zps55151912.jpg  photo IMG_3841_zps0114520b.jpg

I say this passes my approved bar but as long as the place I am going to offers the Dark Green Tea by Ito En I would go with that over this.

Grab some!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nittoh Royal Milk Tea instant Tea Mix

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This is great if you want to bring it with you somewhere or camping! It has 10 individually packed sticks of mix that you add to hot water for it to dissolve. I personally love cold Milk tea. I will lit it sit before I chill it to enjoy it. I recommended it cold too. This sticks are not that bad. I enjoy them more then the canned Milk Tea that I have reviewed on here before. It is a tad bit sweet but just right. I recommend getting this. I bought a bag on my way home from Japan last November and when I got home Ms. Noodle bought me a bag as a gift!!

 photo IMG_1116_zps9126feea.jpg

I take them for camping to get a touch of something special while on vacation.

 photo IMG_1117_zps0c7e9be2.jpg  photo IMG_1118_zpsb5d5cdb6.jpg

Get some!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ujinotsuyu Seicha Houjicha Roasted Green Tea

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Don't know much about the company, Ujinotsuyu, which is located in Kyoto, Japan. I was biased again when grabbing this the first time because I noticed that is was located in Kyoto. For people that are familiar with great green tea in Japan the best comes out of Uji located just south the city of Kyoto. This is bagged tea called Houjicha or Roasted Green Tea. They roast the tea leaves and they turn a rusting brown color and has a unique aroma. This little box contains 25 bags and are great for any type of food eating. They recommend about 30 seconds of steeping but it can get really strong if you leave it in longer.
I love roasted green tea and the taste is strong and bitter but enjoyable. I can definitely recommend their brand of Houjicha and Genmaicha (Green tea with roasted rice) bagged tea. The color of the water gets a nice brown color to it and the smell is wonderful.

 photo IMG_3856_zpsc4b249b1.jpg
No complaints here and I think it might have cost me $5 for the box. At 20 cents a cup of tea, or heck you probably can use the bag again for a second cup it is worth it. Trust me!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Market Wulu Jade Green loose Tea

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I was given this awhile ago by my mother and added it because it was full leaf green tea that was a product of China. She got it out of World Market and put it in one of my presents one year. I have been using it recently to create some great tasting iced green tea. I usually use a good amount on my pot on the stove and let it steep for a bit before pouring it into my jar that I save it in. Then I put more water into the pot with the tea balls in it and boil the water which lets the tea steep quickly into the water. This causes a strong mix and it is a lot darker and then I add that in my container. I let it sit to cool off before putting it in the refrigerator. It makes great strong tea and I like it stronger then many others I know. I DO NOT sweeten it but I can understand some people wanting this. My version is bitter but earthy which is my thing. This tea has a hard time steeping, I am not sure if it is built to last but it seemed that I needed to use a lot to get something out of it. Also it is Fair Trade Tea and you can still get it at World Market.
Below is what the loose tea looks like and I place it in a tea ball that you can place in a mug, cup or tea pot to enjoy.
 photo DSCF8105_zps247c9214.jpg

This is delicious. Given I mixed a few other ingredients into it like dried honey suckle and another green tea brand.

 photo IMG_3830_zps4edecf37.jpg
Yummmmm grab some!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grape Calpis - Calpico

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 This Calpico or Calpis is Grape flavored and I can say so far is my least favorite even to the original. The color is obviously purple like a purply water. The taste is a lot like grape medicine or those chalky vitamins you got as a kid. Like those Flintstone Vitamins haha. If you would like to try some Calpis that might be more enjoyable to you, check here for the original and all things Calpico/Calpis.
 photo IMG_3836_zpsc34d0738.jpg  photo IMG_3837_zpsd45c492d.jpg 

I would not get this again and the bottle was the usual $5 and I'd rather pay .50 cents.

It is OK, you can PASS on this

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Milkita Strawberry Milk Candy

Milkita Milk candies are made by unican which is out of Indonesia. The one that I got my hands on is the Strawberry flavored one and boy is it delicious. It has a smooth and creamy taste like a milk candy should. It reminds my very much like the last milk candy that I reviewed but this is like strawberry milk (go figure). I love strawberry milk and thought I give this a try and it didn't disappoint. I drop these little candies in my camera bag to chew while walking around. It has the highest milk content in the world for a candy (so says the official page) with 38% real milk and they have about 4% calcium of your daily value. the cow on the bag named Kody is quite cute and catches the eye in this bright pink bag. this candy started in 1997 but soon to grow into the main candy of unican and also top milk candy in the country it is from.
It is really tasty and I recommend it to anyone if you get a chance to see one on a shelf. Also hope to get the opportunity to try out the other flavors that are offered.

Here are some commercials for Milkita!

Grab some!