Friday, July 25, 2014

Japanese Plum Gekkeikan Wine

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This Japanese Plum Gekkeikan Wine is straight from Kyoto. Japan in the Fushimi area. From Gekkeikan Sake, these wine comes from the orchard in Wakayama. The plums are hand picked, where they are aged and fermented to get a smooth flavor. The Style is for a sweet apple and pear tartness. Paring says it is good for marinating especially with spicy dishes. Enjoy it chilled! info from

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I grabbed this in the store since I noticed it came out of Kyoto and I hadn't had Plum wine in a while. It is thicker then the last I had which was more watery but this is a tad more syrupy. It was not really my kind of thing but it had a lasting flavor in your mouth and was strong. I'm pretty sure I will not get this again but it might be delicious to some others.  

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