Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kirin Mets Grapefruit

This soda is amazing. I tried it on my first trip to Japan and just fell in love with it. I love grapefruits and this soda is so refreshing. I had a hard time coming across it in a vending machine in Tokyo but found it pretty easily in Kyoto. My first trip I only noticed this one and Met's Cola along Kirin's Mets line but now there are some other fruit flavors. I have noticed a lot more grapefruit soda drinks last year then 3 years ago.  This drink has such a nice sweet grapefruit flavor inside. I think about ordering a case and having it delivered here in the states but know it would be costly. YES GET THIS.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

F&E CHE Orange Gummy

These are really sweet and when I first put these in the mouth my tongue was twitching. They are intense but they are good. Taste just like orange and they come in small tear drop shapes. Glad they come with a seal-able bag since I could not eat these in one sitting or I would have sores in the mouth. I want to get more and once again take my time eating them over a week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Suntory Horoyoi chu-hi Peach

More fruity alcohol?! I will buy! I love peaches and this is like and alcoholic peach drink that is carbonated. Only 3% you can probably go through a lot of these. It taste great and Suntory did a great job. I wish I found out about these on my earlier trips rather then this last one because I would have had these all the time. It isn't a sin to walk the streets of Japan drinking alcohol either! Drink it like a soda with a kick, Yes you have to try these. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hokkaido Rich Butter Potato Chips

These were great. I love crispy chips that has a flavor I would like and is different. They almost were like Lay's regular chips but had a more rich butter taste to them. It was like a creamy baked potato loaded upon some butter but in a crispy form. Nice for one sitting if you don't mind the 320 calories from the entire bag. The little cow face is cute too and Hokkaido is known for their agriculture. If I can find this again, I would grab a bag.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Karamucho Hot Chili Flavored Chips

These chips have a bit of a kick to them but they are good. When I opened up the bag a chili smell came from within. I was disappointing that the bag was 1/4 full of chips. It made it a good snack size that is for sure since I do not want to sit and eat tons and tons of chips. I would get these again and I am usually not a chip guy. Gosh they are crispy and taste great. I would find these and get these again!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kanro Wasabi Grilled Seaweed

This is a small re-seal-able package with some nori or seaweed inside. It has two layers of seaweed with some wasabi placed between. The nori taste great has that strong fish taste but once you hit the wasabi it has the kick that brings you to attention. Not a big bag enough for a quick snack and it is nice that they offer a seal as a option if you want a few latter. Some of the other nori packs Ms. Noodle gets you have to eat them in one go since there is no seal, unless you have a Ziploc and put it in there. Not sure if I would get them again, I am not a nori guy, Ms. Noodle is but she is not a wasabi girl!