Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sangaria Royal Milk Tea

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Sangaria is the company that many anime fans and Japanese fans know as the company that makes the popular Ramune Soda Bottle with the marble. Well they came out with a canned Royal Milk Tea beverage. I though that this was interesting so I picked it up at the local Asian Market in town. The can was short (9.2 fl oz) and is Milk Tea! So I love Milk tea and there is no way to get the more known brands of Royal Milk Tea that are popular in Japan. I did pick up a bag of packets that you add to hot water and mix but not a ready to go drink like this one. I wouldn't have thought that it would have came from Sangaria and canned of all things. I still wanted to try it since it is the first one I have seen without resulting to the internet for delivery.
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 Royal Milk Tea is made up of water, milk, sugar, Black Tea, emulsifiers and black tea flavoring.  So basically it is sweeten milk and tea but it is delicious. My parents had reservations when I made it and never tried but Ms. Noodle had tried it back in the past and is a fan. I love milk and tea, great together.

So basically trying out this in canned form was interesting. I got it on the shelf un-refrigerated but I recommend that you throw it in the fridge before you drink it. It taste a lot better cold. When I first opened the can I had a smell of slight sour milk, wasn't expected and I thought that it might have been expired and I checked but I still had a year before I needed to drink it. I guess that was the smell. It put Ms. Noodle off and she didn't really want to drink. I went ahead and started to drink it and it tasted like that sweet milk tea that I missed. It was n't nearly as tasty as some of the bottled Royal Milk Teat hat I picked up in 7-Eleven in Japan but was worth the try. It is all that I can get besides trying to make my own or using the packets and mixing it. I recommend pouring it in a glass first or something because it was a little weird drinking it from the can. I poured it in a glass, milk is always better coming out of a glass.
It was about $1.50 to buy.
By: Mr. Tea

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  1. Love this stuff, still trying to figure out what tea is used so I can try and duplicate the taste at home. ;)