Monday, September 28, 2015

Hokkaido Red Bean KitKat

I picked these up in the airport in Shanghai! How about that. So they have 3 bars inside and taste that of Hokaido Azuki or Red bean. Red bean is a popular flavor over there and is in a lot of deserts and sweets that we have found. If you go get ice cream in America you have Chocolate vanilla and strawberry. Over there they have green tea, azuki and vanilla/chocolate/strawberry. Anyways I was not interested in azuki red beans for a long time but then I tried it eventually. The stuff is great and you should try it too as it is in a lot of sweets. Red beans filled in buns and breads and scones. Anyways you came for KitKat's. These are tasty, not a strong red bean taste over the chocolate but still there. They are enjoyable and you wont go cray because the are individually wrapped up in the snack size. Nice little box and you can write a message on the back as a gift to some one else. Gift giving is a big deal in Japan and this might be a good one to give!  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lucia Thai Tea

 photo IMG_4699_zpsepyt3kvh.jpg

You ever get a Thai ice tea in the restaurant. Well this is a great alternative if you don't know how to make it authentically. The can is large and give you lots of drink. I you leave it in the fridge or pour it over ice, or both is probably better. Great color and it is like Thai Ice tea, probably as close as you can get to it in a can. Shake it up as well. If you are craving that taste then I would recommend it, 320 calories for the can and 22% of your total carbs right there though.

   photo IMG_4698_zpsx8ohkayq.jpg  photo IMG_4697_zps5zvyovcc.jpg

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vitasoy Melon Flavored Soy Drink

This is Vitasoy! So these are juice box's but not like your normal juice box. There were a few flavors that we noticed and we picked up the pack of 6 of melon flavor. It is essentially a soy drink with melon flavor. Milky, sorta reminds me of Ms. Noodles' Almond and soy milks that she gets. IT wasn't actually that bad and was $3.50 for the 5 pack. I guess a better for you drink then grabbing the soda out of the fridge. These are not refrigerated when we got them but you will want to refrigerate them to enjoy. I would try some of the other Vitasoy drinks for sure. 
Get them!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

meiji Strawberry Gummies

I picked these up in a Don Quixote which is a larger discount store in Japan. They are awesome by the way. So we tried some snacks there for sure and got great deals and also sent some home back to ourselves. I picked up these little gummies to enjoy and it has a resealable zipper like a Ziploc bag. They taste like strawberries and are delicious. I accidentally left them in some heat and they melted together into a blob. Ops! Still tasted great but it was a gummy bar haha. I would get these again for sure. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

YamaMotoYama Sen-cha Green Tea loose

 photo IMG_3850_zpsc4ad173a.jpg

YamaMotoYama company was founded in 1690 but was established in the USA in 1975. I grabbed this because it is a Japanese company and I love tea and I also was running out of loose tea. This bag and another one that I got was manufactured in Canada of all places from Yamamotoyama USA. 

 photo IMG_3852_zpseb83587d.jpg

These bags have some great tea inside. It is the only "cheap" bag of loose plain green tea that I can find around town. By plain I mean that the local tea stores that sell in ounces have mixes of their teas but some of them have sencha and other types of green tea but you are paying a few dollars per 2 ounces or so. This bag lasts for awhile and I make hot tea with it I'm my pot to serve but I mostly use it to brew a large batch of green tea for the refrigerator as I love iced green tea from time to time. I make regular ice tea (black tea) but green tea is better for you I believe. Get this stuff if you can and make some ice tea, you wont be disappointed. 


Friday, September 18, 2015

D-plus Pastry Roll Green Tea

 photo IMG_1152_zps89d9be38.jpg  photo IMG_1155_zps56d6f30d.jpg

These D-Plus pasty rolls are delicious, they really are. They are moist just right with the moisture control pad that is inside. They are soft and peel away in a gorgeous way. This one is green tea flavored and it was quite good. The green tea taste was subtle but still wonderful. The roll isn't super large for you to regret later for devouring. I'd get this again or any the D-Plus rolls that I see coming into stores. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cici Jelly Drink Mango

This was worth a try as I like jelly and mango as well. Like a juice bag you twist the cap off the top to get a quick drink. There were jelly bits inside the mango drink which would have been fine but over all not the best experience I have had. I probably, most likely never, get this again. It had mango flavor for sure but it might have been the overall experience not working out for myself. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy

These are tasty. If you like Werthers then you will probably like these. These are some hard candies but they have a nice creamy taste about them and the cappuccino is great. Not to large just like a Werthers stated before. I have one once in a while keep some in the camera bag. I give them out to friends and no one has complained about it yet. 
You should grab a bag!