Monday, July 21, 2014

Ito En Jasmine Green Tea

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My refrigerator had accidentally froze this bottle when I put it in there so it went through a defrost and then  placed back in there to get cold again. It might have separated the tea and liquid since I didn't remember there being lose leafs floating about in the bottle but there is now. Ito En is my favorite branded bottled tea. I love there dark green and green tea and they make other great ones as well. This is their Jasmine Green Tea which doesn't disappoint with it's 2 servings per bottle providing a total of 440% vitamin C. The taste is nice and mellow. Not really bitter which is a plus. You can catch the floral taste at the end which is nice.
If a light tea with a nice mellow flavor and great aftertaste with out that bitterness then this is for you. Plenty of Vitamin C.

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I say this passes my approved bar but as long as the place I am going to offers the Dark Green Tea by Ito En I would go with that over this.

Grab some!


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