Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Asahi Mintia Spearmint mints

These are great. The mint's them selves are really small and you probably could use like 2 at one time or three. The container that it comes in is really small, size of a credit card but maybe like 5 or 6 stacked on top of each other. It fits 50 of these mints and they have a nice taste. I am not sure if it eradicated my bad breath those days but they are enjoyable and I wish I could try a few more of the flavors. 

American Cola

So Ms. Noodle picked this up at a discount store in Japan. She wanted to see if it was like our American Cola and also if it tasted better then the Pepsi over there(Ms. Noodle isn't a Pepsi fan). Ms. Noodle liked this a lot she thought it was really close to Coca-cola or was a good replacement for not having any there. I am not sure what the brand is other then it's American flare of a can. I recommend for the price that we got it which was like 75 cents.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Suntory Strawberry Milk

This was like strawberry milk but not. It wasn't actual milk and it was kinda like skim milk but it tasted like strawberries. It wasn't bad and it can in a small can which is fine, not sure I would drink an entire larger can in one go. I do like their smaller cans over there in Japan. This is made by Suntory and is enjoyable but by no means not like a strawberry milk from the grocery isle in the states.