Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Philippine Brand Mango Nectar Juice

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This is some decent tasting juice. It has a strong Mango taste and I can get a sugar rush. The taste is nice and is like a mango and it has a smooth creamy texture when you drink it. Never heard of the brand before but I may try it again if I am craving some Mango Juice Nectar!

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Want some?


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meiji Roasted Barley Tea

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Coming in nice big size pouches, we have Meiji's Roasted Barley Tea! Now this doesn't taste like the Tradition Brand one or the other branded one that we didn't like. It falls somewhere in between probably because it is roasted. I used two of the bags to make a rather large pitcher of this tea and only have tried it thus far as iced tea. It was refreshing and a change from my iced black tea that I make. It has a distinct taste where you taste the barley but it has a slight chocolate taste in there like the Barley tea that we reviewed before that was bottled. I grabbed it because Meiji is known for their chocolate and other snacks but this was interesting. I think I still prefer Traditional Brand more but lets see after my third or fourth pitcher

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sun Kee Ginger Candy

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If you want a Ginger fix then try this "Botan Candy" like candy! It comes wrapped up in this nice purple checkered pattern paper with some ginger on it. Unwrap and you have this nice soft candy like Botan that I have previously reviewed. I placed it in the mouth and started to suck on it but I had to bite into it to get a feel for it. I instantly realized that it had a strong ginger taste. It will help if you need to clear up some sinus problems. Maybe chew this and drink some real ginger beer, that will set you straight. I am not sure if I can enjoy this all the time since I like mellow candies but his is strong and Ms. Noodle does not approve. Interesting to try though but I am not going out of my way to buy again. If you are a ginger fan, grab some!

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Like I said, give it a whirl...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yamawaki Hon Chaba Karinto (Green Tea flavored Wheat Cracker)

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I grabbed this bag thinking it was Green Tea flavored baked green beans just because of the shape. No, they were wheat crackers that are flavored like Matcha. I am a fan of all Matcha things, because it is so good of course. Very nice packaging as you can open it and re seal it once you had your fill. Ms. Noodle enjoys these I wasn't to hyped up on them but I still snack on them. I will probably not spend the amount I did on them again. They are nice and crunchy like a cracker with a coating of Matcha on the outside. I didn't get the rich earth taste of Matcha that I am use to so that was a downer for me. 

 photo IMG_4148_zpsbc6aafc4.jpg  photo IMG_4150_zpsd9536018.jpg

Couldn't find it in Amazon and I just happened to come across it in the Japanese market downtown. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kasugai Roasted Green Peas

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I enjoyed these a lot more then the spicy ones which were Wasabi flavored. This are just plain roasted peas. Straight from Japan from Kasugai which make quite a few other products that are tasty. Like there gummies. They are the size of peas and come in not a large bag so it is easy to snack on the entire thing if you wanted. There are a few other roasted pea products out there and some in cans which I noticed in a Kroger. You can get some of that dietary fiber if you want some from this bag which is apparently 3 servings. I say it is worth to snack on if you like peas, although it really doesn't taste much like peas. Don't spend more then $2 I'd say on this size of a bag, there may be more snacks to eat out there worth your penny

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