Thursday, July 30, 2015

Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

These little Apollo strawberry chocolate ones are delicious. I love these little things and they are just the right size to eat. They are shaped like cones with chocolate at the base and strawberry at the top. The box is pretty cute and not to big. It can fit in the pocket but beware, it is chocolate and will melt. I got these at the local store as Ms. Noodle was, "Have you had these? They are good!" So I bought them and she was right. It might have been $2 for the box but I have enjoyed them since I am a strawberry kinda guy. Now I am kinda feeling like I should have some....

Want some!? Get some!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tirol Choco Square Chocolates

We picked up this bag in the airport on the way home. They are little squares of chocolate that are a few varieties which was cool. More chocolate and variety in the bag. There is cookies and cream, caramel, biscuit and a few others. A few I didn't care for but they were pleasant to eat on the flight. I don't know much about Tirol but I read that they release limited flavors every once in a while to peoples delight. I would grab a bag again but I am not to much of a chocolate guy. Do love me Reese's though.
I recommend.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nestle Milo Chocolate Nutritional Energy Drink

First mistake was getting this and not double checking the expiration date. ops....
So this "Milo" drink is supposedly a chocolate nutritional energy drink. Taste chocolaty for sure and you can see in the glass the bits of chocolate moving around. It was like you bought a can of the Nestle chocolate powder mix to make chocolate milk and didn't mix it all the way in. Still had a decent taste and you could almost "chew" the bits floating around. 8 FL OZ. of this stuff in a slender can. It did had a lot of nutrients in it. I MAY get this again but most likely not since I don't really drink to much canned chocolate milk (i love chcolate and strawberry milk by the way) and it was $1.50 I think.
So maybe...maybe not
NOTE: been readying some other reviews on this and it appears to be an Australian/New Zealand not so much Asian food/beverage

You can get a can of the mix and make it yourself, probably cheaper.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pocky Matcha

This Pocky Matcha flavor is pretty legit. Purchased in Japan at a Don Quixote, the box was pleasing and large to protect our superior pocky. I have seen Match flavored sticks before but hey were the smooth kind like original and strawberry. This had bits of Matcha on the biscuit stick, looks a lot like the Almond one that you can get. The chocolate is tasty like usual and the bits of matcha powder were pretty tasty. Was interesting and now I should compare it to the other matcha (less expensive one) that I can get at the store locally.  It comes with 4 bags with about 6 sticks in each. I hope you can find them, and enjoy them. Pocky has a lot of varieties and this is one of my top ones. I miss the berry one though, so dope.

Want some?!?!?!?!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hey-Song Hi-plus Sparkling Orange Drink

This Hi-plus sparkling soda was delicious and refreshing. If you like orange soda I say you need to give this a try. It was really fizzy when I opened it and I didn't finish it all in a sitting. I opened it a few hours later and still had its carbonation. I would get this again if I can find it but I think they are all out now. Brand is Hey-song and from Taiwan. It is not the same as those sparkling water drinks but somewhere between that and orange soda. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

D-Plus Hokkaido Cream Pastry Roll

This is another D-plus pastry roll that we are doing. This is the Hokkaido Cream one and it was so soft and tasty. They come from Japan and they put a small little piece of paper thingy that keeps the moister in the bag. When we opened this, it tasted as if we got it out of the bakery. IT was soft and had that creamy tasty. Ms. Noodle and I love having these on occasion. I recommend any of the ones that we have had. Size is great too! I paid maybe $1.50

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lotte Xylitol Lime Mint Gum

This is a sugarless gum from Japan. It is a lime mint flavor and pretty good. These gum pieces are not strips but they are little pieces like chiclets. Pretty tasty, the flavor can last for 30 minutes for the small piece that it is. If I was in Japan, I would get this as a gum for a sugarless option for sure. I brought this back and I can not get this here at home. You can always buy it in a small tub or jar on Amazon which might not be a bad price for the amount you get. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hot-Kid Milk Drink

This "Milk drink" was bought because it is always there. We tried Bikkle in Japan which was milky and very weird. This was weird as well. Ms. Noodle said it was like drinking evaporated milk. Really sweet flavor. I didn't like it and I did most of the tasting for the review. I was also drinking this with a few other drinks that day up for review and the mix wasn't pleasnt at all. This is a small can with a look of milk really. 
I wont get this again because it isn't refreshing and if I am going to have milk it will be milk or milk tea. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Taisun Peach Juice


I was walking down the isle at a newer Asian market and saw peach and just grabbed it. I love peaches especially when they are just right. Anyways I saw the picture and the word peach on the can and nabbed it in the store. It is a product of Taiwan, has 134 Calories and 12% total cabs. The taste is very light but still enjoyable and refreshing. Peach juice isn't something I come across that often so I grabbed it. It is a clear with a slight pink beverage. I shook it up thinking it was thicker but shaking it wasn't really necessary. It came in a steel can, light in color just slightly cloudy to peach color. I believe it was a dollar at the store and it was worth it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shirakiku Strawberry Ramune

 photo DSCF9083_zpsm4tfpjqi.jpg  photo DSCF9084_zpskqjtespw.jpg

Aw man look at the condensation off the bottle. This is another bottle of ramune soda where you push down on the top to loosen the marble. The marble drops in an starts the fizzing right away. Not a whole lot of drink in these for the price but they can be refreshing. I can find them for around $1.50 but it has the same amount close to a can of soda. I don't go out of my way to get them even though strawberry is delicious. I get them as gifts.
I give a go on this strawberry flavor for sure of the flavors, as long as you are cool with the price.