Saturday, February 28, 2015

UHA High Concentrated Hard Milk Candy

 photo IMG_4579_zpsnboiuogl.jpg

I have reviewed in the past the UHA Milk Coffee Candy, review here, and it is a lot like that candy.
This candy is hard unlike the other soft milk candies I have fried but that also means it doesn't melt really fast in your mouth and the flavor is gone. It lasts longer and if you enjoy hard candies this is right for you (given you like milk flavor).
It has the creamy milky flavor to it and it is quite enjoyable. I put a few of them in my camera bag to have while I am out. I recommend trying them out, I can't remember what I paid for them but don't do $5.
 photo IMG_4576_zpsarn4rlgu.jpg  photo IMG_4577_zpstqpnoxdm.jpg

I found them individual and in bulk at Amazon if this makes it easier  to find for you.