Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UHA Milk Coffee Candy

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 I grabbed this thinking that it was a soft candy at the local store but upon opening the bag and digging in it is a hard candy. That doesn't mean that it isn't good. It is a great hard candy. It has the creamy taste of coffee with milk and it last for awhile in your mouth. It is a bit sweet but boy is the creamy milk taste great. I did spend a little bit more money then I usually would so I am not sure if it is worth it to spend $5 for it again but I am glad to have given it a try. UHA stands for Unique Human Adventure and apparently top selling hard candy brand in Japan, sin't that something.

Ms. Noodle recommends this as well, she loves the creamy hard candy and wants more!!!

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Don't believe me, check out a commercial way back in the day that Brittney Spears did for another one of their candies; Suki!

Grab Some!

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