Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bánh Mì Cantina - Richmond Virginia

This is one of the few places in Richmond where you can find banh mi sandwiches. This is a small Vietnamese café located in the shopping center next to Tan-A Supermarket. They make the bread from scratch as well as the pate and mayonnaise. In addition to over 20 varieties of sandwiches they also have bubble tea smoothies, honeycomb cakes, meat pies, rice dishes, fried tofu, combo plates, sponge cake, and all the charcruterie used in making sandwiches (including head cheese!). It’s a small setting and there is nowhere to sit. Sometimes the line is out the door. They only take cash and there’s not a lot of English. In fact the majority of the labels are written in Vietnamese, with the exception of the banh mi/smoothie menu on the wall. It’s definitely something different, but super delicious and it always keeps us coming back!  Located at the corner of Horsepen and Broad Street at Tan-A Plaza, address is 6215 W Broad St. Richmond, VA.
I enjoy their mango tea and also getting the shredded pork and grilled pork sandwich, option number 12. Love that one and they were $3.50 a piece including the bubble teas but recently up'd it to $3.75 which from what I have heard isn't to bad for them. I recently got the Banh Mi Dac Biet and I'm guessing some of the meat in it didn't turn me on at all. I think I will go back to the grilled and shredded pork option which is BOSS.

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