Friday, October 17, 2014

Sushi King - Richmond Virginia

Sushi King! Now there are a few more locations in Virginia but I go to the first one located on Broad Street where Da Lot/Pho Boston use to be. This is a great idea. You walk in and take a seat and for on price, $16.99, you order anything off the menu as much as you want! The only thing not included in the price is drinks of course. Sushi King offers appetizers from vegetable tempura/shrimp tempura, soups and then actual meals like chicken teriyaki or yakisoba. Of course why bother going to Sushi King if you are not going to order all the Sushi that you can!

They have many different types of sushi rolls or get the pieces of Sushi. On a busy night make sure you have in mind with what you want so you can order it all at once, that way you wont wait on your order. If you order just one roll at a time and order another when you finish your first you may wait quite a bit before you see number two. It can get busy on evenings like Saturday or Friday nights.
There Sushi taste great and if you get their special rolls they are decent size. The smaller rolls would be the tuna roll, salmon or California roll. Their Special rolls like the White Dragon, Volcano, Richmond roll are all decent in size and have great taste.

They also provide some import beer like Kirin and offer a decent Sake list to order a bottle or what not. I have yet order alcohol there but I may try in the future.

My typical order is the edamame (immature soy beans), miso soup, maybe tempura, and then I order the Sushi like Volcano Roll, Richmond Roll and Dynamite Roll.

They bring the soup, tempura and edamae out pretty quick and gives me something to work on while I wait on my sushi. Basically like appetizers. I snack on the edamame through out dinner so sometimes I will order 3 bowls.

Their Miso soup is pretty tasty and not a big portion which is fine, I may get another bowl after I am down with the sushi. My favorite roll is the Richmond Roll, it is delicious. It has some spicy mayo in it and I enjoy spicy.

At the end I get desert which you can get cheese cake or Ice cream. I always get the ice cream and they have green tea, red bean and strawberry. I always end up getting the green tea and sometimes the red bean. Taste great and ends the night with a very full stomach.

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