Monday, October 6, 2014

Caravelle Black Coffee French Style Canned

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Here is more Caravelle product drinks! Here we have Cafe Den which is canned coffee but French Style. This canned coffee was not to creamy (sorry for the lack of a glass picture to see the actual beverage). It wasn't bad but there was nothing really memorable about it at all. Get your calories and some carbs from it and that's about it. It was a bland canned coffee and I am a big fan of canned coffees. I can't remember how many I have received on here so far. 
One other beverage that I have drank from this company is the Mandarin Float drink which was not to bad, check that out here
There are sure to be other canned coffee's where you could find this one, my suggestion is try another one. It couldn't hurt and maybe it will be better!

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