Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ribon Hokkaido Soft Milk Candy

Ribon's Hokkaido Soft Milk Candies are wonderful! They are a soft candy much like a caramel candy but it has a somewhat light sweet condensed milk taste. Glad that the bags come with quite a few candies to keep me going for awhile. 
Hokkaido is the northern island of Japan and is ranked #1 for raw milk which is why this is called Hokkaido Soft. That and they use Hokkaido milk for every bag! Apparently it has a ton of Calcium too.

 photo IMG_8624_zps86cfdaa5.jpg  photo IMG_8626_zpscc92a4fb.jpg  photo IMG_8627_zpsa71bde36.jpg  photo IMG_8628_zps0ba9d3ec.jpg

Also, they are not sticking and are just the right size to eat. 
I definitely recommend trying these things out!

 photo IMG_8630_zpsaaa74405.jpg

Also, here is a link to Amazon if you want a few!


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