Monday, June 2, 2014

UCC Iced Coffee

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The bottled of UCC Iced Coffee that I picked up the other day is sure dark. It has a bitter taste but not to bad and you can tell it is a strong black coffee. I served it to myself much like it was pictured on the bottle, in a glass with ice cubes. Was great tasting and gave me a perk in the morning. Definitely adds to the enjoyment and I really do like dark canned coffee's. It reminds me of the black coffee from Boss Coffee. UCC is the the first company to cane coffee with it's UCC Coffee with Milk which I have reviewed previously and also taste great. Was glad that I could give it a try and I might grab it again sometime. It did cost about $3 for the bottle though which is much. Get it to try it though it might be right up your ally.

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