Thursday, June 5, 2014

Barley Tea Drink

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I remember trying cold Barley Tea in Japan and enjoyed it. We have had hot barley tea from tea bags that were delicious as well. I saw this in the store for $3 maybe for 2L and figure I give it a try. It was a brand that I never heard of and I don't know that actual brand yet. Hmmm. Anyways I poured our glasses of this tea and the smell didn't seem right. We took our sip and we were instantly turned off! It had a weird chocolate flavor to it and it just threw us off hard. If didn't seem right and we ended up not finishing it. If you like barley tea chilled, brew it yourself or try another brand. If you like barley tea with a wierd chocolate flavor then go for it other wise I would stay away from this. I have no information on the company that produces this tea other then the log on the bottle.
PASS on this.

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