Monday, June 9, 2014

Kit-Kat Itohkyuemon Uji-Matcha Green Tea Flavor - Kyoto Exclusive

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 While I, Mr. Tea, was traveling in Kyoto Japan I picked up a few exclusive Kit-Kat boxes and one of them was the Matcha green tea flavor. I grabbed the big box because I knew that I was going to want more then just a few bars. Kyoto especially the Uji area is known all over Japan fro their Green Tea. It is the best, from my personal experience thus far. Now since I have been there, in my local market in town I found on the shelf a bag of Kit-Kat Matcha flavored bars and it wasn't an off brand but Kit-Kat. I guess it isn't Kyoto exclusive anymore and it was $5 for the bag there. I think I paid about the same or maybe 650 Yen in Kyoto for this box of 12.

 photo IMG_1586_zps41a571ed.jpg  photo IMG_1588_zps780f3654.jpg The Kit-Kat experience I have had with Japan's flavors is been a good one so far. This Matcha doesn't disappoint either. The bar is a green color like you would think and inside the wafers are white/light in color. It has the smell of green tea before you place it in your mouth. It also has the taste of it and pretty accurate even though it is chocolate. It is delicious and very enjoyable experience. The chocolate is a white chocolate that has matcha added to it for the color and taste. It is a sweet experience with the white chocolate being used and the bitterness isn't as strong as a usual glass of dark green tea. Who can complain when you get a sweet taste and bitter, that is the candy and tea talking!
Get it to try it!!!!!


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