Friday, November 7, 2014

Yamawaki Hon Chaba Karinto (Green Tea flavored Wheat Cracker)

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I grabbed this bag thinking it was Green Tea flavored baked green beans just because of the shape. No, they were wheat crackers that are flavored like Matcha. I am a fan of all Matcha things, because it is so good of course. Very nice packaging as you can open it and re seal it once you had your fill. Ms. Noodle enjoys these I wasn't to hyped up on them but I still snack on them. I will probably not spend the amount I did on them again. They are nice and crunchy like a cracker with a coating of Matcha on the outside. I didn't get the rich earth taste of Matcha that I am use to so that was a downer for me. 

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Couldn't find it in Amazon and I just happened to come across it in the Japanese market downtown. 

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