Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meiji Roasted Barley Tea

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Coming in nice big size pouches, we have Meiji's Roasted Barley Tea! Now this doesn't taste like the Tradition Brand one or the other branded one that we didn't like. It falls somewhere in between probably because it is roasted. I used two of the bags to make a rather large pitcher of this tea and only have tried it thus far as iced tea. It was refreshing and a change from my iced black tea that I make. It has a distinct taste where you taste the barley but it has a slight chocolate taste in there like the Barley tea that we reviewed before that was bottled. I grabbed it because Meiji is known for their chocolate and other snacks but this was interesting. I think I still prefer Traditional Brand more but lets see after my third or fourth pitcher

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Even have directions on how to brew if you can read Japanese.

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Try some.....?


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