Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kasugai Roasted Green Peas

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I enjoyed these a lot more then the spicy ones which were Wasabi flavored. This are just plain roasted peas. Straight from Japan from Kasugai which make quite a few other products that are tasty. Like there gummies. They are the size of peas and come in not a large bag so it is easy to snack on the entire thing if you wanted. There are a few other roasted pea products out there and some in cans which I noticed in a Kroger. You can get some of that dietary fiber if you want some from this bag which is apparently 3 servings. I say it is worth to snack on if you like peas, although it really doesn't taste much like peas. Don't spend more then $2 I'd say on this size of a bag, there may be more snacks to eat out there worth your penny

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