Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sun Kee Ginger Candy

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If you want a Ginger fix then try this "Botan Candy" like candy! It comes wrapped up in this nice purple checkered pattern paper with some ginger on it. Unwrap and you have this nice soft candy like Botan that I have previously reviewed. I placed it in the mouth and started to suck on it but I had to bite into it to get a feel for it. I instantly realized that it had a strong ginger taste. It will help if you need to clear up some sinus problems. Maybe chew this and drink some real ginger beer, that will set you straight. I am not sure if I can enjoy this all the time since I like mellow candies but his is strong and Ms. Noodle does not approve. Interesting to try though but I am not going out of my way to buy again. If you are a ginger fan, grab some!

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Like I said, give it a whirl...

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