Monday, September 1, 2014

Kit-Kat Houjicha Roasted Green Tea Flavor

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Another Kit-Kat flavor that I picked up in the City of Kyoto, Japan on my travels in November. These were Delicious. Roasted Green Tea is something I love and to have it in Kit-Kat form with white chocolate it taste great. It is sweet but not to sweet and has that earthy taste that roasted green tea gives you. I enjoy earthy flavors like roasted green tea and even the smell has it. I recommend getting this as you might be able to find it easier now. With the Matcha kit-kat flavors out there  and not as exclusive as it once was maybe this on is on it's way.

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Kyoto area Uji is known for their Green Tea farms and fantastic green tea comes out of there. Roasting Green Tea is wonderful and has a flavor you didn't know you could enjoy. Please get this if you get the opportunity. I think it is expensive to import so it isn't logical to get in America but get it in Kyoto!

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