Monday, September 22, 2014

Citrus Botan Rice Candy

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I have reviewed in the past Botan Rice Candy, you can find that review here.
This is some more Botan Rice candy but it has a citrus flavor. I saw this in World Market the other day and knew that I needed to try it. This is just like the regular Botan Candy that has been around for a while but it has a nice light citrus flavor. I love citrus things and adding it to this lovely soft candy just made Botan Rice Candy a better experience for me.  

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You tear the wrapper off of the box and the inside slides out to show the candies. I thought they were individually wrapped but once again it is that rice paper that will dissolve in your mouth once it hits your tongue. Maybe a little more softer then the originals, I would recommend this one over the original Botan Candies. They need to make these easier available then originals for sure.


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