Sunday, August 17, 2014

Botan Rice Candy

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 These little candies have been around for a while now. I remember having them at my friends house more then ten years ago. They come in a cute little box and have free children stickers inside. I got a pumpkin. The candies are wrapped in a plastic wrapper that has JFC on it but the candy its self is wrapped in an edible wrapper. It is interesting to put that in your mouth but it dissolves pretty quickly. I first started to notice the sweet rice and could tell it was there. Then it sits in the mouth and you can taste the lemon and orange. Its nice as the candy softens and is nice to enjoy.

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Ms. Noodle doesn't really like the candy wrapper and she thinks it taste nothing but sugar, like cheap candy.

The ingredients are glucose syrup, sugar, sweet rice, water, lemon flavor and orange flavor.

Here is a fan made Commercial for your enjoyment!

Recommend to trying this but $1.25 for it was a bit much I think.


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