Sunday, August 3, 2014

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

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 This candy comes in a edible wrapper, rice paper. It is a little bit longer then a tootsie roll. It is a chewy candy and I was guessing like those milk caramel like candies. They are really chewy and stick to the teeth like crazy. Nice and creamy and worth the buy. I might like this more then the other milk candies I have tried, there is more of a bit in this one!

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The company is out of Shanghai originally and actually has more flavors then just vanilla. I didn't know this. The original was ABC milk candies and they used a Micky Mouse drawing on the packaging. They were really cheap to import and so they got out there and popular that way. Soon the company ABC Candies was state owned and wanted to change the logo since using Micky Mouse apparently showed the were worshiping foreign countries and changed it to the White Rabbit. Today it is one of China's top branded sweets.
You should grab some!

info from Wikipedia

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