Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lotte Fruitio Orange gum

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This gum is a small little Chiclets like gum. It has a hard coating that is orange in color and has great orange flavor till the hard coating melts away. You then have about ten minutes of chewing time where you are still getting decent flavor from it. It has a nice orange taste that isn't as strong as mint types. It is pleasant and I enjoyed the experience and it isn't a whopper size of gum in your mouth the chew which is nice. I would get this again, and I picked it up in Japan for 125 Yen I believe.

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Lotte Group is pretty large, largest in South Korea and third largest in Japan for a confectionery company. Headquarters and started in Shinjuku, Tokyo they make candies, foods, shopping, parks, construction, trade, hotels....they are pretty big. Started in 1948, they grew by starting to sell chewing gum to children in post war Japan to dealing with all sorts of jobs.
Grab some if you can!

some info from Wikipedia

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