Friday, April 4, 2014

UCC Original Coffee with Milk

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UCC Coffee is well known in Japan (Ueshima Coffee Company). The company is located in Kobe, Japan and makes Tea's and Coffee's. The company started 1933 under a different name and eventually ended up be called Ueshima Coffee Company. In April of 1969 it introduced the "First Canned Coffee" (UCC Coffee with Milk). This is what started the popularity of canned coffee in Japan, and it really is popular over there. 

This caned coffee was rather tasty. I enjoyed it better then Mr. Browns regular coffee and I got a lot more although I did pay $1.75 for the can. I don't know If I will be going about buying $1.75-$2 for a single caned coffee but I did enjoy it. It has the color of what you would see in a "milked" down cup of coffee. I would drink it if you only like black/dark coffee without milk. It is also a little sweet as they did put sugar in it. You do get about 20% calcium in the can and 140 calories. 
Give it a try! I wish I got a hold of the limited edition ones that featured Evangelion characters on it since UCC coffee was in the feature "End of Evangelion". 

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