Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ito En Golden Oolong Tea

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 Ito En is a personal favorite Tea company of mine. The best in bottled tea in my personal opinion. Their Golden Oolong Tea which I tried the first time for this review was not an exception. It was delicious and many people in Japan think so too since it is one of the most popular bottled in the country. They used flowery and fragrant golden cinnamon and it is from green and black teas. You can get 180% Vitamin C and I am a big fan of unsweetened.

If you enjoy sweetened tea you may not like this. The flavor is strong but not too bitter but can taste the subtle fruit flavors in it. It is definitely refreshing cold and I am use to getting it hot in a Chinese restaurant.
If it is $1.50 which I might have paid that I would still get it if you are about to buy a $1.50 bottled water from a machine.
Totally worth it!

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