Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mong Lee Shang Coconut Sago Dessert Drink

 photo IMG_4583_zpsrjhfhgst.jpg 

Grabbed this from the shelf at the local mart. It was not something I have had before so figure I would give it a try. This has a milky texture and...well it is coconut milk really but better in my opinion. Probably plenty of sugar since it is a dessert. There are these gummy things suspended in the drink, maybe sago? Ms. Noodles tried as well and enjoyed it rather. I might have spent a $1. The creamy milk with the gummy things was pretty good. Kinda reminded me of tapioca. Problem is that they all settle at the bottom so if you are to drink/eat use a spoon and them you will get the max enjoyment from it!

   photo IMG_4580_zpstebckhsf.jpg  photo IMG_4582_zpsri47y3dc.jpg

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