Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Glico Calpico Stick Assorted Pack

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These Calpico Sticks have been sitting up on the shelf at the local mart for a while, never have I grabbed them off the shelf until now. Calpico makes me think of Calpis (Calpico in America) which is a favorite drink in Japan. Well it is not related since this is made from Glico, maker of Pocky! Si I picked up this assorted box to find out what is inside. As you can see up above I popped the box and though there might have been tampons in the box but of course not! You get three sticks of Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry! 

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Nice box, I left the rest in the box for now as you can close it back up. Seeing bellow the sticks are like small cones with this filling. Now at the bottom of the cones chocolate is done there on all of  them. So at the bottom of the vanilla and strawberry there is chocolate, not sure why that is. The flavor and taste is just like the cream that they use of their Pocky. The strawberry is nice and creamy, after it is on your tongue it starts the melt away and the bubbles hold that flavor for you. The vanilla is great as well, never had a vanilla Pocky but I am sure that is what it would be like. Chocolate is a lot like the Pocky as well. It is just different with the crunchy cone on the outside and this nice flavor inside. I enoyed them but I think I got them for $5! That is a little over 55 cents per cone which is probably o.k. You decide!!!

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Included the nutrition for you guys as well. Also here is the only link to amazon.

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