Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hitachino Nest Beer - Red Rice Ale Review

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Brewed with special red rice, this ale was a nice find in our local Total Wine store. The rice “which had been cultured in ancient times in Japan” gives this beer a mellow taste.  The beverage is everything you’d expect in an ale. A light, crisp drink with notes of orange, strawberry, and a nutty aftertaste. It is actually very mild in flavor compared to most ales, but since we are not beer connoisseurs we both enjoyed the flavor. We thought that the beer would be more red from the description, but it ended up being more of an orange. Kiuchi Brewery started creating Hitachino Nest Beers in 1996 with “a hint of our traditional sake brewing method”.

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         Kiuchi Brewery is known more for its sake and unique distilled spirits. Unfortunately, it’s not made entirely of red rice. The beer still contains hops and barley like traditional ales, so it’s not gluten-free.  We would probably buy this beer again. The only issue is that, being an import, the price is nearly doubled. Luckily Total Wine allows you to buy single beers so that you can try a variety of styles and flavors. We look forward to tying more of the Hitachino Nest beers (there are 11 varieties) in the future, and we hope you do too!!

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