Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fremo Aloe Vera Original Drink

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I think we gave in to the aloe vera fad. These drinks are delicious! I was always put off by the aloe vera drinks in the beginning.  I had thought of them as health drinks knowing for a while about the health benefits of aloe. I’m glad Mr. Tea pushed me to try them!

            Aloe vera is most commonly used in its raw form to treat cuts and burns. The plant is used for a number of health benefits as well. When taken orally, aloe vera has been known to improve digestion, detoxify the body, help with inflammation, can lower blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss and overall heal the body. None of these claims have been proven by the FDA, and consuming aloe in large quantities can actually be harmful to the body. The aloe vera trend has led to a number of different health drinks, teas, and supplement pills. For this drink the aloe vera gel is used as pulp with a flavored fruit juice as the beverage.
            Mr. Tea had always liked the taste of the original. The texture is similar to orange juice with pulp, but with aloe vera gel and grape juice. We recommend chilling it before drinking for the best quality. The drink itself looks like cloudy water when poured out. This may be the reason for the colored bottles. Aloe vera drinks come in bottles that are colored to match the flavor. For instance, strawberry would be in a red bottle, pineapple in a yellow bottle, etc. I would not recommend these aloe drinks as a healthly option considering the nutritional analysis: 80 calories per cup with a whopping 15 grams of sugar! That said, I do think as a refreshing drink we would buy this again and in every flavor available.

- Ms. Noodle & Mr. Tea

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