Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nescafe Cafe Viet

So I picked this up at the local super market. This is a small box that has I think 16 packs in it, I can't remember since they are all gone now. You heat up the water and dump the powder into the glass. You can ice it by putting ice in it as well. Now the first time I had it was pretty nice. The taste is right for that Vietnamese coffee but the feel of it on the mouth was odd. It's like it made it super creamy and would leave an after taste a lot longer then you wanted. After a few more into it, I reminded myself that sometimes I get hooked on bad coffee and I was wondering if that was happening here. Ms. Noodle and others tasted it from my cup and were revolted. I will probably not pick this up again, I'll grab some other instant coffee for sure. 

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