Saturday, September 19, 2015

YamaMotoYama Sen-cha Green Tea loose

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YamaMotoYama company was founded in 1690 but was established in the USA in 1975. I grabbed this because it is a Japanese company and I love tea and I also was running out of loose tea. This bag and another one that I got was manufactured in Canada of all places from Yamamotoyama USA. 

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These bags have some great tea inside. It is the only "cheap" bag of loose plain green tea that I can find around town. By plain I mean that the local tea stores that sell in ounces have mixes of their teas but some of them have sencha and other types of green tea but you are paying a few dollars per 2 ounces or so. This bag lasts for awhile and I make hot tea with it I'm my pot to serve but I mostly use it to brew a large batch of green tea for the refrigerator as I love iced green tea from time to time. I make regular ice tea (black tea) but green tea is better for you I believe. Get this stuff if you can and make some ice tea, you wont be disappointed. 


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