Monday, September 28, 2015

Hokkaido Red Bean KitKat

I picked these up in the airport in Shanghai! How about that. So they have 3 bars inside and taste that of Hokaido Azuki or Red bean. Red bean is a popular flavor over there and is in a lot of deserts and sweets that we have found. If you go get ice cream in America you have Chocolate vanilla and strawberry. Over there they have green tea, azuki and vanilla/chocolate/strawberry. Anyways I was not interested in azuki red beans for a long time but then I tried it eventually. The stuff is great and you should try it too as it is in a lot of sweets. Red beans filled in buns and breads and scones. Anyways you came for KitKat's. These are tasty, not a strong red bean taste over the chocolate but still there. They are enjoyable and you wont go cray because the are individually wrapped up in the snack size. Nice little box and you can write a message on the back as a gift to some one else. Gift giving is a big deal in Japan and this might be a good one to give!  

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