Friday, July 24, 2015

Pocky Matcha

This Pocky Matcha flavor is pretty legit. Purchased in Japan at a Don Quixote, the box was pleasing and large to protect our superior pocky. I have seen Match flavored sticks before but hey were the smooth kind like original and strawberry. This had bits of Matcha on the biscuit stick, looks a lot like the Almond one that you can get. The chocolate is tasty like usual and the bits of matcha powder were pretty tasty. Was interesting and now I should compare it to the other matcha (less expensive one) that I can get at the store locally.  It comes with 4 bags with about 6 sticks in each. I hope you can find them, and enjoy them. Pocky has a lot of varieties and this is one of my top ones. I miss the berry one though, so dope.

Want some?!?!?!?!

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