Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nestle Milo Chocolate Nutritional Energy Drink

First mistake was getting this and not double checking the expiration date. ops....
So this "Milo" drink is supposedly a chocolate nutritional energy drink. Taste chocolaty for sure and you can see in the glass the bits of chocolate moving around. It was like you bought a can of the Nestle chocolate powder mix to make chocolate milk and didn't mix it all the way in. Still had a decent taste and you could almost "chew" the bits floating around. 8 FL OZ. of this stuff in a slender can. It did had a lot of nutrients in it. I MAY get this again but most likely not since I don't really drink to much canned chocolate milk (i love chcolate and strawberry milk by the way) and it was $1.50 I think.
So maybe...maybe not
NOTE: been readying some other reviews on this and it appears to be an Australian/New Zealand not so much Asian food/beverage

You can get a can of the mix and make it yourself, probably cheaper.

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