Saturday, May 23, 2015

100 Plus Drink

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100 Plus, I noticed this can out of the corner of my eye in the store and grabbed it and looked it over. Seeing a guy running on the back of the can I figured it must be a sports drink. There was no real English on the can except as 100 Plus. So basically when I opened it and poured it out in the glass it was clear and reminded me like Pocari Sweat. The flavor was a lot like Pocari Sweat but lighter in flavor. It is like a cheap version of it. I may get it again but if there is Pocari Sweat on the shelf next to it then I would go for that instead.

   photo DSCF8926_zpsbuopcbvi.jpg  photo DSCF8929_zpsr8o9mdde.jpg

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