Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mint Pocky Chocolate

 photo DSCF8549-2_zpsd150e1e0.jpg  photo DSCF8552-2_zpsc2bc9534.jpg 
The box is wonderful to look at with its teal and white polka dots. Part of Summer Choco Fest 14' this wonderful flavor is nice. When you open up the box you get two little bags inside so you don't have to eat all of them in one go. They appear to look like the regular Chocolate Pocky but has a wonderful Mint flavor. I sometimes don't like mint chocolate chip flavors but Pocky is done right. It is crunchy like a Pocky with a subtle mint flavor and not as strong s a peppermint paddy.
Ms. Noodles likes this and would get it again and I would myself as well.
This price was about $2-$2.50 and I would spend about $2 but not more. I am cheap though and I recommend this for sure!

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